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It’s Time to Stop Wasting Talent

By: James Archer At The ShareLingo Project in Denver, we see a lot of immigrants in our English and Spanish classes. We like to learn more about each other, so we ask what they do, and often we get responses like: “In Mexico, I was a system’s analyst.” “In Bolivia, I was a lawyer” “In [...]

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Why #IShareLingo

By : Mara González Eight years ago I left my home in Chihuahua, Mexico to come to Denver, Colorado. My goal was to learn English in one year and go back home to find a better job that would help me pay for college and support my mom and three siblings. I thought that if [...]

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Being Bilingual Is Too Much Work

By: Psychologist Rocío Durán Learning a new language is really hard. It takes time, practice, effort, and memorizing. Don’t think that it happens over night. As the saying goes: “no pain no gain”. So why get out of your comfort zone? If you already speak a first world language, why learn another? Never mind all [...]

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ShareLingo, Quid Novi Business Innovations Awards finalist

We are thrilled to announce that The ShareLingo Project® has been selected as one of the ten finalists for the Quid Novi Business Innovation Awards.  The 3 awards will be presented at the 6th Annual Quid Novi Conference on October 17, 2015. Stay tuned and wish The ShareLingo Project® good luck! To learn more about Quadi Novi [...]

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ShareLingo boosts your language learning process

Learning english or spanish should not be a difficult task for any person. One of the most feared parts of learning a language is really interacting with native speakers. In ShareLingo we make sure that fear is overcomed and we pair english and spanish native speakers who help each other in real time, practice conversations [...]

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The ShareLingo Project®, nominee for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Rockstars Business Award

We are so excited to announce that The ShareLingo Project® was selected as a nominee for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Rockstars Business Award.  Although we did not win this time, we are proud and honored for having been selected along with other amazing business. We are inspired by the commitment and passion of other [...]

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